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Tech Gets Personal: Top Digital Devices for Use in the Bedroom

By Fitoru | 23 August 2018
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By now, we’re accustomed to tech devices taking up residence in our homes and vehicles. Smart climate control devices keep our houses cool, while Alexa plays music and tells us the weather. We even wear digital devices on our persons while walking and working out. However, there is one room in the home that has missed out on the technical revolution… until now. Here are some of the top digital devices that you can use in the bedroom.

Smart Mattresses and Sleep Trackers

If insomnia is wreaking havoc on your sleep schedule, you might be looking for a solution that doesn’t involve becoming nocturnal. And while we’ve all heard that devices like cell phones and tablets are bad for the bedroom, that doesn’t mean all tech is problematic. Although the blue light from your iPad might interfere with your ability to catch some zzzs, other tech devices can have just the opposite effect.

For example, sleep trackers can help you identify and treat sleep-related problems ranging from insomnia to apnea. Devices by S+ by ResMed, Emfit, and Sleeptracker sit on your bedside table and send data to an app on your phone. According to a study of AppleWatch users, these devices can even identify hypertension. This knowledge may help you make better decisions about your sleep and health moving forward.

You can find a sleep tracker that meets your specific needs. For example, Emfit QS is ideal for athletes in that it lets them monitor sleep, pulse, and breathing and tracks data that aids in recovery. On the other hand, S+ by ResMed Personal Sleep Solution lets you know how factors like light, temperature, and diet impact your ability to sleep.

Additionally, companies like Serta Simmons are now introducing smart mattresses. Along with using smart alarms to wake you during lighter sleep stages when it’s easier to get going, these devices can control temperature, keeping you cool and helping you avoid the dreaded night sweats.

Birth Control Made Simple

People aren’t just using tech to sleep better. The latest devices can also be helpful for family planning and birth control. Today’s apps perform a wide range of tasks, from tracking menstrual cycles to ordering home delivery of birth control pills and even testing for sexually transmitted infections.

The MyFLO app, for example, lets women track their periods and hormone levels. This can be essential for determining peak fertility times throughout the month and helping with family planning. And studies show that the Natural Cycles app has a 93% effectiveness rating for contraception. Additionally, the Apple Health app lets women input and chart basal body temperature, sexual activity, nutritional factors, and more, improving their ability to get pregnant at the desired time.

Google Home

Looking for a tech tool that works in the bedroom and beyond? A device like Google Home might be the solution you seek. A speaker, voice assistant, smart home device, and more, Google Home performs a wide range of tasks. It can wake you up in the morning, play a song to get you going, and tell you the weather so you know what to wear. Google Home even gives traffic updates, so you know what time you need to leave to make your meeting on time.

Of course, tools like Google Home can also help you enjoy a lazy day at home. If you’re sick or just taking a personal day, you can instruct this device to put on an episode of your favorite show while you lounge in bed or tell it to play a meditation to help you sleep.

Who says tech can’t help you relax?


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