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Fitoru is a family of wellness warriors dedicated to transforming the health of women and men around the world with nutrition, lifestyle and fitness wisdom. Our supportive supplements complement healthy diets and fitness pursuits at every phase of life. It’s fitness made for everyone. It’s Fitness made for YOU.


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I recently started a keto diet and these @fitorufit mct oil softgels are helping me feel really good! They raise my metabolic function, Improve digestion, boost energy and endurance. MCT Oil Softgels are designed to be taken once a day with 8 ounces of water to boost ketone levels and support healthy ketosis!


These #BHBoil pills help curb appetite + increases ketone levels! I also recommend it for those that need a help in boosting exercise performance + recovery!


I’m on day 10 and I’m feeling great, physically. These MCT oil capsules have helped me with focus and concentration, energy (fat=fuel), and appetite suppression. I’ve been able to extend my normal 16 hour fasts to 20 or 24 hours with ease!


I’ve been taking a serving typically when I needed a bit of a boost! I tested my ketones this morning on an empty stomach and my level was at 1.7 mmol/L and 30 minutes after taking two capsules they went up to 2.2 mmol/L.


What I did notice was I felt less fatigue, I had a much different level of energy just on day one! They also include electrolytes which I struggle to get in everyday!


They’re a natural, easy way to detox your body and speed up your metabolism! I’ve been feeling more cleansed, energized, and physically better overall after taking them,
which has really helped with my workouts!