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Fitoru empowers people to lead active, fulfilled lives and enjoy lasting health by providing expertly formulated nutritional products, weight loss tips, fitness advice, delicious healthful recipes and science-backed health insight you can trust.

We believe healthy is gorgeous and that true health starts from within. We’re passionate about helping you reach your goals in the most positive, natural and joyful way possible, because we want you to feel as great as you look!


In 2017 a small but determined crew of health and fitness aficionados in Los Angeles came together to solve a very perplexing problem…

The weight loss industry brings in $70.3 billion a year, yet 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, which begs the question—why is the weight loss industry failing so miserably?

Dieters are jumping from one weight loss plan or miracle pill to another without any lasting success and becoming more and more disillusioned to the point where many are giving up all together.

  • So we began a thorough investigation of the top nutrition strategies and the most popular weight loss supplements to see why the industry is falling so short.
  • It became clear that a more far-reaching approach is needed. One that emphasizes eating a wider variety of foods, exercising regularly and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • On top of that, not only do promised products fail to deliver, but they also contain health-compromising ingredients, such as artificial sugars, additives, harmful chemicals and fillers.
  • We knew we could do better. The weight loss industry needed a new challenger, one that would overturn traditional industry leaders and ditch the dieting model in favor of a healthy diet and holistic health guidance. And so Fitoru—Fitness for You—was born.

Our wellness approach

Our wellness approach is an all-encompassing mix of nutrition science, lifestyle management and fitness support to help you get fit and stay fit.

Our nutraceuticals

Our nutraceuticals work with your personalized nutrition plan to ensure maximum results, whether you’re a low-carb dieter, an intermittent faster or a paleo or vegan enthusiast.

Our blog

Our blog is your daily destination for expert advice and in-depth information on how to live a healthy life.

nutritionally balanced

Our nutritionally balanced recipes will turn you into a die-hard foodie for life while supporting your weight and health goals.

workout & programs

Our workout videos and nutrition programs are simple to follow and produce the results you want with no sacrifice or pain required!

Our community

Our community is motivating, encouraging and active, and a ready-made wellness tribe to keep you on track with your health goals each and every day.


We are committed to crafting expertly formulated nutritional supplements that combine natural ingredients with the latest technologies to help you achieve your health, fitness and weight goals.

Our products are ethically sourced with pure, premium natural ingredients and always made in the USA in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities that follow Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for rigorous quality assurance and to ensure safety.