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Most adults at some point in their life wanted to lose weight. Just like that, most adults found out exactly how hard that is to do. That is exactly why we have launched our “Fitoru 90 Day Challenge.” We will provide you the guidance you need to reach your weight loss goals. Our solution has been proven effective for thousands of others just like you by focusing on the following areas:

With the 90 Day Challenge, we are here to find your perfect balance for a healthier and best version of you. We’re asking you to be committed for the 90 days to changing your lifestyle and achieving your weight goal. Getting you in the winning mindset and guiding you with correct eating and workout plans are the ways to get defined arms, toned abdominal, and improved cardiovascular health.

Maintain a healthy diet
Exercise Regularly
Get enough sleep at night
Maximize results with Fitoru


Busy Bees

Busy BeesA perfect daily supplement for ambitious guys and gals who want to look and feel great while handling life like a boss! You’ll burn stubborn fat as you breeze through your day with renewed energy, positivity, strength and endurance.

Multitasking Parents

Are you a busy mom or dad juggling a never-ending mountain of tasks? Keep those balls in the air with supplement support that keeps energy surging and vitality soaring. Your belly and thighs will enjoy the metabolism boost too!


Long days at the office? Fitoru supplements can help enhance your brain health, memory, focus and mental clarity, and give you the energy you need to last through your workday. Fatigue be gone! Plus, you’ll be burning fat at your desk!

Fitness Enthusiasts

Go far with your fitness goals! Achieve noticeably faster results physically AND mentally while increasing stamina, endurance and full-body strength and tone. Whether your goal is weight loss or unbeatable performance, we’ve got your back.


Oh the changes our bodies undergo as we transition from one phase of life to the next. Keep energy high, your metabolism speedy and your immune and digestive systems strong with targeted lifestyle and supplement support. Aging with grace, made easy.

High-Performance Athletes

Your needs are unique, specific and precision based. Keep pushing your personal bests forward with hyper-optimized supplement support and the latest in fitness and nutrition science. Run faster, leap farther and train harder!


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I recently started a keto diet and these @fitorufit mct oil softgels are helping me feel really good! They raise my metabolic function, Improve digestion, boost energy and endurance. MCT Oil Softgels are designed to be taken once a day with 8 ounces of water to boost ketone levels and support healthy ketosis!


These #BHBoil pills help curb appetite + increases ketone levels! I also recommend it for those that need a help in boosting exercise performance + recovery!


I’m on day 10 and I’m feeling great, physically. These MCT oil capsules have helped me with focus and concentration, energy (fat=fuel), and appetite suppression. I’ve been able to extend my normal 16 hour fasts to 20 or 24 hours with ease!


I’ve been taking a serving typically when I needed a bit of a boost! I tested my ketones this morning on an empty stomach and my level was at 1.7 mmol/L and 30 minutes after taking two capsules they went up to 2.2 mmol/L.


What I did notice was I felt less fatigue, I had a much different level of energy just on day one! They also include electrolytes which I struggle to get in everyday!


They’re a natural, easy way to detox your body and speed up your metabolism! I’ve been feeling more cleansed, energized, and physically better overall after taking them,
which has really helped with my workouts!