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How to Stay Hydrated Without Having to Guzzle Water All Day

By Fitoru | 29 July 2019
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Who doesn’t love the summer? Beach days, BBQs, vacations…but summer is also the season where hydration counts most. 

The heat, sun exposure, and sweating can lead to dehydration if we aren’t fueling up with fluid throughout the day. 

And dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion…which can lead to life-threatening heat stroke. Even mild dehydration can make you moody, bring on a headache, and cause muscle cramps and fatigue. So let’s figure out how to stay hydrated in the best possible ways!

Eating Your Way to Hydration

Drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated, but it’s certainly not the only way, especially when summer fruits are ripe for the picking and rich in hydrating fluids.

So, keep the water handy, but make room for hydrating sweet treats like…

  • Cucumbers and celery (made up of 95% water!)
  • Watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, and cauliflower (approximately 92% water!)

And then there are fruits like:

  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Cantaloupe
  • Oranges
  • Peaches

Enjoy them all, but don’t stop there. 

You can also up your water intake with breakfast staples like oatmeal. Oats soak up the water or milk they’re cooked with, and every little bit contributes to hydration.

If you aren’t lactose intolerant, then lap up some skim milk, which is actually 91% water. And if milk makes your stomach feel funky, then enjoy some coconut water.

You can also start your day with a shot of pickle juice and/or bone broth to promote proper water retention.

And make life a little more colorful during the summer by turning plain water into fruit-infused spritzers and iced teas. 

For more hydration hacks, check out this video!

Are You Dehydrated?

Stay on the lookout for dehydration signs.

  • Are you feeling thirsty?
  • Is your urine dark and concentrated? Does it smell like ammonia?
  • Are you feeling exhausted without a legit reason?
  • Does your skin look parched and saggy?
  • Are you feeling irritable or confused?
  • Got a headache?
  • What about muscle cramps?
  • Do you have dry mouth or bad breath?
  • Are you constipated?

Any of these can be signs that dehydration is having its way with you. So grab a slice of watermelon quick!

The Most Important Hydration Hack of All

And here’s another hydration hack that’s especially helpful during the summer months. 

We lose a ton of essential electrolytes—like calcium, magnesium, and sodium—through our sweat, because we’re just more active in the summertime. And while eating a nutritious and varied diet full of water-rich foods helps balance electrolyte levels, an electrolyte supplement can shore up any deficiencies. 

You can stay hydrated and meet your electrolyte needs with a tasty BHB powder that comes in chocolate, coffee, watermelon, strawberry banana, strawberry kiwi, and grape flavors. Along with electrolyte support, you get the energy-boosting exogenous ketone content of BHB (β-hydroxybutyrate).

The coffee flavor is especially convenient for those who make keto coffee in the morning, and the fruit flavors are a tasty addition to smoothie recipes. It’s the best way to stay hydrated—on and off the keto diet—and if you start your day with BHB Oil Powder, everything else will fall into place.

For a limited time, you can get an assortment of flavors for a deeply discounted price, plus a free copy of our Keto Recipe eCookbook and a free water bottle. If hydration is a summer goal, then follow the link from the video above!


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