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Change Up Your Exercise Routine With These Calorie Burning Walking Workouts

By Fitoru | 14 September 2017
3 women walking across a bridge on a jog

For those who enjoy going out for a walk on a regular basis, trying out different workouts might not be at the top of your to do list. You might want to reconsider once you see these walking workouts that are great for burning major calories. Give them a try the next time you step outside!

15 Minute Walk

Perfect to do before dinner to burn some calories and give you a little boost of energy.

The walking workout:

• Walk 5 minutes, do 5 alternating squat-kicks

• Walk 5 minutes, do 10 alternating squat-kicks

• Walk 5 minutes, do 15 alternating squat-kicks


A. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Squat down.

B. Kick forward with your right leg as you come up. Bring the leg back down so you’re standing on two feet, then squat again and kick with your left leg. That’s one rep.

30 Minute Walk

Great way to start the day and get your heart pumping.

The walking workout:

• Walk 5 minutes, do 30 uppercuts

• Walk 5 minutes, do 5 walk-outs into plank

• Walk 5 minutes, do 30 uppercuts

• Walk 5 minutes, do 5 walk-outs into plank

• Walk 5 minutes, do 30 uppercuts

• Walk 5 minutes, do 5 walk-outs into plank


A. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Bring your fists up by your shoulders, palms facing in toward your chest, elbows pointing down.

B. Keeping your fists close to your body, quickly punch your left fist straight up directly in front of your face as you simultaneously pull your right fist down. Reverse the motion by quickly punching your right fist straight up directly in front of your face as you simultaneously pull your left fist down. That’s one rep.

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Walk-outs into plank:

A. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees just enough so your hands reach the floor.

B. Walk your hands forward so you are in a plank position, with legs straight out behind you and toes on the ground. Hold for 10 seconds, then walk your hands back and come up to standing. That’s one rep.

45 Minute Walk

Try doing these on the weekend when you have extra time and energy!

The walking workout:

• Walk 10 minutes, then do this combo: 20 jumping jacks + 5 slow mountain climbers + 20 alternating elbow-to-knee touches

• Walk 10 minutes, repeat combo

• Walk 10 minutes, repeat combo

• Walk 10 minutes, repeat combo

• Walk briskly for last 5 minutes

Alternating elbow-to-knee touches:

A. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands to the sides of your head.

B. Bring your left knee to meet your right elbow. Then do the same with your right knee and left elbow. That’s one rep.

Slow mountain climbers: 

A. Start in a downward dog (or upside-down V) position, with legs straight but not locked and heels pressing toward the ground.

B. Lift your right leg up in the air, bring your right knee forward toward your chest, then return your foot to the ground. Do the same on the left side. That’s one rep.


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